Boost Your Productivity

You have goals, you know the steps that need to be taken to get there, but how do you find time to do them?  If you are feeling swamped by too many things to do, I first reco

Pareto in the Office

Two things that business people find very challenging: thinking ahead and doing things in order of importance.

Strategies for Managing Cash

 Gift shops. Floorings. Manufacturers. Furniture Retailers. Telecommunications companies.

Price Matters (But Maybe Not How You Think)

I just read about a retailer who was trying to move a certain line of jewelry.  She had tried moving the display, asking salespeople to push the items, and running a few trad

Add Oomph to your To Do List

I just came across an old story about Charles Schwab when he was chairman of Bethlehem Steel in the 1920s.  Supposedly, he was concerned about his own lack of productivity an

Turn Customer Complaints into Raving Fans

No matter how hard a company tries, once in a while something will happen that causes a customer to complain.  The way in which this complaint is handled can make a big difference in future sa

Sell More by Paying Attention to Body Language

There have been so many studies on body language.   We know that our body movements send signals, even when we don’t mean to.  Research indicates that nonverbal com

From Vision to Reality

Many clients I work with have a Vision Board or Dream Board with pictures of what they would like to bring into their lives.  You may have one too.  Or you may just have

Why You Should Use Sales Scripts

Sales scripts are absolutely essential whatever business you’re in.

Are You Leading Your Company or Just Managing It?

As the owner or chief executive in your company, how much time do you spend on leading and not just managing?

A 90 Day Plan

Are you satisfied with your business results this quarter?  What are you going to do differently next quarter?  You’ve heard the saying:  “Most businesses don’t plan to fail; they ju

The Last Half Hour

It is very easy to overlook the last half-hour of the day, but it is actually one of the most important windows of opportunity for making your dreams a reality.

Seize the Day

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Taking Care of You! Especially Important During Holidays!

You are more responsible for your success than anyone else. 

Networking Success

Successful networking requires genuine effort and a plan of action.  I know this from first-hand experience as I have grown my business.   If your business is not where you want it t

The Checklist Manifesto

I just finished reading The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande which is an intriguing book that makes the case that any discipline can be improved with the use of checklists.

Raving Fans

Raving fans are customers who are so happy with your business and the service you provide that they will not only tell all their friends and colleagues about you, but will actually go out of their

Set Your Mind for Success

I meet many business owners every week. Some are wildly successful and others are struggling. It makes me wonder, “Why are some so successful and others not?” There are of course several different reasons, but one thing that successful people seem to have mastered is the right mind set.

Stop Procrastinating: Tips for Getting it Done

When I work with some clients, I often find myself asking, “Why are they not doing the things they need to do?” We’ve identified the top priority items, why not get them done? Of course, I can also look at my own To-Do list and ask myself why I’m not doing that top priority item…

Go To Market Strategy

Somewhere along the way Woody Allen was attributed with saying “eighty percent of success is showing up.”