Summit 9 Approach

Summit 9 Approach

Your business is unique.  And so are you.  But the challenges you face, and their solutions, probably aren't.  


There isn't a magic formula for achieving the success and happiness you want.   However, there are concepts, behaviors, and skills you can learn to dramatically improve your life and your business.  At Summit 9 we help people - from kitchen table start-ups to corporate CEOs - understand and implement time-tested techniques to achieve more from their business. Our approach, which we have applied successfully in virtually every industry - business services, healthcare, manufacturing, personal services, restaurants, financial services, retail, construction, publishing, tourism, and more - is built around 8 key responsibilities of business owners and leaders.   

Why 8? Honestly, it just worked out that way.  People need a framework to organize ideas, track progress, research best practices, and measure results.  And this is ours.  When you work with us, we'll help you master these concepts and apply them to your specific situation.  Because you are unique.  

 The Summit 9 Approach

  • Where To? You can't achieve success and you can't effectively lead a team until you know where you are going. Defining your destination comes from you, but we have tools to help because this simple question is often the most difficult to answer.

  • Go To Market Strategy: Your business will be pushed and pulled by competitors, economic changes, demographic changes, market changes, employees, technology, customers, suppliers, and dozens of other factors.  Success depends on your ability to balance those factors and push your business toward your goals.  This isn't about writing some fancy business plan.  It is about thoughtfully creating a clear direction for your daily decisions, your key initiatives, and your allocation of resources.  

  • Financial IQ:  It doesn't matter how you feel about numbers or how you did in high school math.  Unless you get really lucky for really long, eventually you will have to understand and apply basic financial concepts to your business.  You will need to read your financial reports, create a budget, forecast cash flow, develop profitability models, measure ROI, and plan future expenses.  We will show you how.  

  • Tactical Excellence: Your strategy should drive the tactical decisions you make every day.  Depending on your strategy, some tactics are more important than others. We will help you figure out which tactics matter most for your success and guide you to improvements in your marketing and promotion, your sales process and skills, your customer service, your operations, and more.  

  • Personal EffectivenessThere are a wide range of personal skills that make business owners successful.  You have to manage your attitude, your energy, your time, your drive, your adaptability, and your impact on others.  We use a range of assessment tools and materials to help you leverage your strengths and deal with your weaknesses.

  • Management and Leadership: Not every business owner wants to lead and manage people.  However, in order to make more money you usually have to create more value.  And for that, you almost always have to hire, manage, and lead people.  We will help you create the most effective team possible so you can reach more customers, make more profit, and work fewer hours.  

  • Systematic Approach: Rome wasn't built in a day.  Your personal and business success won't be either.  Success takes disciplined improvement and progress over time.  We will help you setup the systems and processes to support long term growth and development of you and your business.

  • Planning Your Exit: You will be exiting your business.  Some day.  The better you plan for it the happier you will be when that day comes.  We will guide you through the development and execution of your plan.