Kim Anania, KMA Consulting
I have worked with Summit 9 since 2010 and during that time I have grown from my kitchen table to Maine’s leading H/R consulting firm with more than 15 employees. Jim has been instrumental to my success by providing the tools and knowledge I needed, by holding me accountable to quarterly goals, and by guiding me to put systems in place to ensure the infrastructure of my business is sustainable. The work we have done has been so effective I just took 6 weeks off to tour the country with my family and during that time my business not only kept running, but we actually landed new clients – so the business was bigger when I returned than when I left.

Becky McKinnell, iBec Creative
The best part of working with Summit 9 is that as an entrepreneur I have someone I report to like a boss. Jim holds me accountable to my goals and gives me ‘tough love’ when need it. Having Jim as a coach helps me be a better leader and keeps my company and me striving to be the best we can be. When I first met Jim in 2007, iBec was brand new. I knew I wanted to grow and that I had the passion and skills to be successful. Jim has provided the framework and guidance to keep my energy in the right place at the right time to ensure that success.


Listen to a conversation between Stefa Normantas and Scott Roberts on why she hired Scott and how much value he has brought to her business, Green Tree Events.


Pete and Karen Glass, Budget Blinds of Portland
We have learned so much from the coaching process. It has been amazing. Summit 9  has helped reinvigorate our marketing, bring new focus to our financial management, and navigate some challenging personnel situations. Through it all they have gone the extra mile to help us any way possible. They really cares about our business.

John Rogers, formerly Maine Running Company, now Fleet Feet
Summit 9 has really helped me keep focus on the key issues in my business. The coaching process brings out a little extra discipline and attention that are helping my business excel.


 John Bryer, Seal-It

Since 2009, Summit 9 has helped me navigate the buyout of my partner, the addition of a sales team, a major cashflow crunch, the doubling of my capacity and my revenue, and now they are helping me evaluate my exit options. Their ideas, insights, and patience has helped me tremendously through all the phases of my business ownership.

Renee McLeod, Petsi Pies
Jim has taught me so much about how to run and manage my bakery and restaurants to maximize my profits and help me create more opportunities for my employees. His business knowledge and guidance are helping me turn my organization into a business that works without me.

Luke Lockwood, Eider Construction
When I bought my company from my prior boss, I knew the construction industry and our customers but there were many things I was unsure of how to tackle. Summit 9 has provided valuable guidance and a boost of confidence to help me profitably navigate the recession with near record revenues.

Paula Mahony, Words at Work
Jim has held the mirror for me to really see what my business could become. His tools and frameworks have given me a new understanding and his ongoing disciplined approach has facilitated my growth. Since meeting Jim in 2009, my business has been transformed from a single-woman operation to a much larger strategic marketing consultancy with blue chip clients. I don’t know exactly what the most valuable part of working with Jim is, but I do know that his overall guidance has been critically important to my success.