From Vision to Reality

Many clients I work with have a Vision Board or Dream Board with pictures of what they would like to bring into their lives.  You may have one too.  Or you may just have a vision of your ideal life, your business success, or the way you want to look in your mind.

Visualization is a very powerful tool, especially when done consistently and in detail.  But today I want you to step back and analyze this vision a little.  Think about one area of your life that you would like to improve, and visualize what you want in that area.  Then ask yourself, “What kind of person could create such a life?”  Think about the qualities or traits that person would possess.  Would it be a relaxed person?  A disciplined person?  A spontaneous person?  Someone with strong public speaking skills?  Someone who is confident?  Responsible? Humorous?  Diligent?  Etc.

By identifying the qualities that you need in order to have the life you envision, you can then take action steps to cultivate and strengthen these skills.  Once you have identified the traits, pick one or two that seem the most important.  Now think about what types of actions would demonstrate this quality or skill.  What could you do to nurture this quality and strengthen it?  It might involve taking a class or finding a mentor, but it also might just mean greeting people with a firm handshake and eye contact, keeping a prioritized To Do List, introducing yourself to new people, reading the newspaper every morning, performing random acts of kindness, etc.

Commit yourself to taking just one action a day (or week) that will nurture this quality.  You will naturally be pulled in the direction you want to go.  And you will find yourself closer to your ideal vision.


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